2015 NEWDGA Show

Another NEWDGA show wrapped up on June 20th - and we managed to survive the show and the massive heat wave that come through our area around then.

The show was organized much better than it was when we previously attended, in 2013. So, kudos to the NEWDGA members that helped organize and run the show this year. You guys made it a very fun - and less stressful - experience.

Our girls did okay this year. They were up against a lot of other goats and there were some gorgeous does at the show this year. We definitely weren't disappointed - of course we would have loved to win some ribbons, but we were happy with how our girls ranked. Their final placings are as follows:

Pholia Farm LS Bluebell:

  • Best 3-Year Old in 2 Nigerian Dwarf Rings
  • Best Udder in 3-Year Old Class in 2 Nigerian Dwarf Rings

Windsong Dairy BB Gunsmoke:

  • 3rd Place 2-year Nigerian Dwarf Doe in 1 ring
  • Commendations for the volume of her udder

Windsong Dairy FF Dragonfly:

  • No awards, but commendations for her body capacity

Windsong Dairy NC Clair la Lun:

  • 1st Place in Dec. 2013-Yearling Class for ND in all 3 rings

Windsong Dairy PS Larkspur:

  • 1st Place in May 2015 Kids Class for ND in all 3 rings
  • Commendations for the width between her hocks