Update of Link Page

This will be a quick update.

As many of you who have checked out our site or have purchased goats from us, we have highly recommended using Hoegger's as your goat-supply source. In light of recent interactions with the company, we must rescind our promotion and approval for the site.

Over the course of the past few months, we have had several issues with receiving orders from Hoegger's. This includes orders being drastically late, as well as orders not being fulfilled. When issues have arisen over orders, it is nearly impossible to get a response from their order fulfillment department.

Since dealing with them have given us such a headache, we have no wish to promote a site or company that is managed so poorly. We believe - as should you - that every customer deserves to be respected, especially when they are spending hard-earned money, and to be treated fairly.

So, our links page has been updated to reflect our new patronage to Caprine Supply, another good goat-supply company. We have also added a link for the Golden Blend minerals we recommend; it will take you straight to the homepage of the mill that makes the mineral blend. We have purchased directly from them in the past and have found them to be easy to deal with.

With that, I'll sign off.