Happy February

If you're like me, you are hoping that every warm, sunny day will mark the start of spring and the end of the gray, dreary days of winter. While the Spring Equinox may still be a month away, days of sun and warmer temperatures have returned to the Pacific Northwest and I - as well as the girls - are enjoying every golden second.

Our girls are still balls of fluff and are growing rounder by the day as their pregnancies progress! We have a total of five does bred this year - a high number for us - and we're hoping that we don't get too many sets of triplets. There were two sets of triplets last year, and they up the number of kids quite quickly!

Unlike last year, we have been able to use two different bucks on our does. One is our retained buck from two years ago - Nick Charles, AKA Scoot. Scoot's kids have been some of the most precocious kids with unique personalities that we have produced. His doelings and bucklings have grown exceptionally fast, with a beautiful dairy character that we love to breed back into our herd. Scoot also gave us some exciting colors of kids last year - including a light gold, two red buckskins, and a cream - which makes us suspect that he carries a dilution gene that he was able to pass on to his kids.

The second buck we used is Prescott, the newest addition to our herd. He has good bone structure and body capacity that we can't wait to see crossed on some of our more delicate does. Prescott is a stunning cou-claire color - a buckskin in reverse - that we're hoping to see on a few of his kids.

Last year was also the summer of blue eyes, as we were able to get our first two blue-eyed kids. Both came from Lemon, one of our resident blue-eyes does. We are hoping that this year's kiddings will produce more blue-eyed kids...

As always, if you are interested in any of our kids - or more information about our herd, the Nigerian Dwarf Breed, or goats in general - please contact us. We love answering questions about these guys!