We've finished the latest batch of our goat milk soap. Now, it's just a waiting game until the bars dry in another couple of weeks. We're offering both the 4.5 oz hand-cut bars ($6.00) as well as the sheep bars ($8.00). Our soap features a base oil blend of olive oil (for stability), coconut oil (for suds), and palm oil (for lather).

The bars that we currently have available are:

  • Summer Daze: A skin enriching adventure, this bar features avocado oil at a low percentage, making it a softer bar but this fourth oil adds nourishing lipids to the mix. A poignant lemongrass scent will have you remembering the lingering days of summer.
  • Lilac Melody: Enfold yourself in the rich scent of lilac, reminiscent of the early warm days of summer. This soap is speckled with dried lilac blossoms, collected from our own bushes in the backyard.
  • 2GOAT Scrub Bar: With the soft scent of coconut, these bars are exceptionally handy to keep around the house. Coffee grounds serve a double purpose, adding depth to the palate and providing an exfoliating scrub for grime and dirt encrusted hands. Keep a bar at the ready when you come back from the barn or garden.

These are some of the Coconut-Scrub bars. The coconut adds a soft, refreshing scent to the bars and the added coffee grounds are exceptionally useful for scrubbing away dirt and grime. I keep a bar next to the sink, ready for when I come up from the barn.

A snapshot of our Happy Sheep bar. We found this mold earlier this year and have fallen in love with it.

We are heading down to the Challis, ID, Farmer's Market on Saturday, August 9th. If you're in the area, come visit us. After this Farmer's Market, we will be officially opening our store up for commerce.