Kidding Season

Well, it appears as though we have survived yet another kidding season. It's amazing how, in the space of a year, you almost forget the drudgery of tromping down to the barn every couple of hours, in the dead of the night, for several weeks. Personally, I think it's the sight of the kids, bouncing away and growing contentedly, that makes you forget about all the long hours put in.

It certainly has been an exciting kidding season, though. We started out with a doe that ended up coming three days late! After hours spent in the barn watching her - and playing Uno - she decided to kid on possibly the coldest night in May. After weeks of shorts and tank-tops, I found myself snugged down in my flannel lined winter pants and Carhartt jacket. Shocking, to say the least.

Then, we moved on to Zephyr, our most senior doe, who, in the spirit of chaos, managed to give us the slip and kidded four days early. Luckily for us, she has somehow always managed to kid out perfectly fine on her own.

Zephyr's daughter, Gunsmoke, was not to be dissuaded and ended up kidding six days early. She, however, was not nearly as sneaky as her dam and we were prepared. It's the glint in the eye, so to say, that gave it away. She ended up kidding around 1 a.m. with a surprising first-time set of triplets - an early birthday present for me, I suppose.

Now, we are down to just one doe. Hopefully she'll decide to be tricky and kid early, otherwise I'll be dealing with her around the time I head back to college...