Spring, finally.

Out here in the lovely Pacific Northwest, it seems as though spring has finally chosen to grace us with its presence. Last weekend was spent tilling the garden and doing a bit of outdoor spring clean-up. Our new crop of spring peas and radishes have been planted and we almost can't wait until they're ready to harvest!

With the trilling of songbirds returning to our mornings and evenings, we're starting to turn our attention towards the long-awaited kiddings. The expectant mothers are still munching away happily on their hay, enjoying the days nice enough to go on "walks" with us. They seem rather nonplussed about the whole affair - though several of them are now frolicking in the warmer air - but we're starting to get excited about the new crop of kids that will start showing up in late-May.

On that note, we are now starting to take reservations for these 2014 kids. If you are interested in reserving a kid or would be interested in more information, visit our contact page and send us an email. We'd love to hear from you!