Beginning in 2016, we will begin reducing the size of our herd. If you are interested in any of our does or bucks, contact us via our contact page.

Sales Policy

This sales policy applies to adult animal (over 6 months of age). Our kid specific sales policy can be found on the kids page.

Buyer Responsibilities: When applicable, it is the responsibility of the buyer to pay for health exam/certification for goats leaving the state; blood tests for individual states; postage and handling on blood tests; and any vet fees incurred to complete the tests. More information on state-specific import requirements for states bordering Idaho can be found here.

Breeder Responsibilities: All goats leaving the premises will be free from any visible defects or health concerns - i.e. abscesses, other open wounds, or respiratory issues. We do our best to raise healthy, happy animals and have not had any health concerns in our herd during the past 10+ years we have been raising goats nor have we received any health complaints from purchasers of our goats. Kids will be current on their CD&T vaccination, disbudded, tattooed, and all sales of breeding stock will include either transferable registration papers or an application for registration. Pet sales, including the sale of wethers, may not include registration papers. While there are no guarantees or warranties on our sold animals (once they leave the premises), we always do our best to ensure happy homes for our goats and their new owners. This is why we are always available - and happy - to answer any goat related questions you may have; both before and after your acquire your new animal(s).

New Home Requirements: When purchasing our goats, we require that they have at least one other goat at their new home. Goats are herd animals and, while they may be around other animals, truly do need the companionship of other goats. When available, we are willing to include wethers as pets at a discounted cost. When there are no wethers available, we are more than happy to make (discounted) package deals of our available animals.

Deposits: A $50.00 deposit is required on all breeding stock and is rolled into the total price. Deposits are nonrefundable and all sales are final.

Delivery: In most cases, we are willing to either deliver purchased goats or meet you partway. Mileage fees may need to be applied depending on the distance traveled. If this is a concern for you, let us know and we can make arrangements.

Discounts: We offer both a 4H discount and a multiple goat-purchase discount. Our 4H discount is 20% any of our For Sale animals and can be applied to multiple animals (kids, bucks, does, and wethers are all included). Our multiple-goat discount only applies to our breeding stock (doeling or buckling kids, does, or bucks) and will be applied on all sales of three or more animals to the same buyer. This discount is 15% of the total purchase cost.


At Windsong Dairy, we are big believers in the 4-H program. In fact, we spent over 10 years as a 4-H family and the program was how we started out with dairy goats in the first place! As such, we are willing to offer discounts on our animals to kids who are involved in the program. If you are interested in any of our for sale animals (kids included) and you are currently involved in 4-H, let us know!

Currently available:

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Kids - Doelings

For convenience, we separate our doe and buck kids. Doe kids are listed first, in order of age (oldest first). All available doe kids and their prices are listed below. We require a deposit of $50 to reserve each kid for you. Any expected kiddings can be found on our kids page. If you have any questions, please contact us.

No doe kids available.

kids - bucklings

We require a deposit of $50 to reserve each kid for you. Any expected kiddings can be found on our kids page. If you have any questions, please contact us.

No buck kids available.


None currently available.


None currently available.