Pholia Farm RA Zephyr

DOB: 3/29/06

Wither Height: 22.5"

Gold Eyes (Homozygous Trait)

Zephyr is our most senior doe and is the true queen bee of the herd! She has an excellent body capacity and carries the desired angulation through her fore and hindquarters. An attractive dairy character about her makes her a very eye-catching doe.

Dam: Pholia Farm KM Ha-Cha-Cha 2*M

Grand-sire (Dam): AGS Kaapio Acres RB Moonstruck

Grand-dam (Dam): AGS QSF PH Marias Fiesta 1*M

Sire: AGS Rosasharn SS Aquarius

Grand-sire (Sire): AGS Rosasharn's TL Summer Sol

Grand-dam (Sire): AGS Goodwood Water Lily 1*M

Pholia Farm LS Bluebell

Bluebell's second freshening udder. She's a bit hairy, but you can see her plumb teats and strong attachments.

DOB: 4/24/12

Blue Eyes (Heterozygous Trait)

Bluebell is a striking blue-eyed, red-hued doe that has an excellent dairy character, as well as an engaging personality. She has an excellent udder with strong attachment, a strong medial support, with plenty of capacity. Her teats are a good size and are very easy to milk.

AWARDS: RGCH Jr. Doe for Nigerian Dwarf (2013 - NEWDGA, Spokane, WA)

2x Best 3-Year Old Nigerian Dwarf Doe (2015 - NEWDGA, Spokane, WA)

2x Best Udder in 3-Year Old Class for Nigerian Dwarf Does (2015 - NEWDGA, Spokane, WA)

Dam: Pholia Farm MI Love Shack 5*M

Grand-sire (Dam): Pholia Farm CA Mr. Incredible *B

Grand-dam (Dam): SH Pholia Farm HJ Fresca 4*M

Sire: Blythmoor SD Lolliwood Star *B

Grand-sire (Sire): GCH AGS Mystic Acres Snapdragon +B

Grand-dam (Sire): Pholia Farm HJ Lollipop 4*M

Pholia Farm LS Lemon Twist

Lemon's 1st freshening udder.

DOB: 5/11/12

Blue-Eyed (Heterozygous Trait)

Lemon has blue-eyes and delicate features that we believe will bring more refinement to our goats.

After her first kidding season, we found ourselves very impressed with this doe. She had triplets on her first go round, delivered them without assistance, and had one of the most impressive udders we have seen on first freshener. She has shown the potential to be a superb producer, and we look forward to developing both she and her offspring over the coming years.

Dam: Pholia Farm DN Queenie 7*M

Grand-sire (Dam): GCH Pholia Farm CF Doenut +*B

Grand-dam (Dam): Pholia Farm HB Alyss 6*M

Sire: Blythmoor SD Lolliwood Star *B

Grand-sire (Sire): GCH AGS Mystic Acres Snapdragon +B

Grand-dam (Sire): Pholia Farm HJ Lollipop 4*M

Windsong Dairy BB Gunsmoke

Gunsmoke's 1st Frenshening Udder.

DOB: 9/4/12

Wither Height: 20.5"

Gold Eyes (Homozygous Trait)

We just love this little doe! She is everything we could have ever hoped for and more. Her dam has passed on an amazing overall dairy character, giving Gunsmoke a long, strong topline and beautiful angulation throughout her shoulders and hind legs. Her sire has done some excellent improvements on her mammary system, giving her a very spacious. She does not have the best attachments or teat placement, but she is a fantastic milker in terms of overall volume.

AWARDS: GCH Jr. Doe for Nigerian Dwarf Breed (2013 - NEWDGA, Spokane, WA)

3rd Place 2-Year Old Nigerian Dwarf Doe (2015 - NEWDGA, Spokane, WA)

Dam: Pholia Farm RA Zephyr

Grand-sire (Dam): AGS Rosasharn SS Aquarius ++B

Grand-dam (Dam): Pholia Farm KM Ha-Cha-Cha 2*M

Sire: Stagedragon MSD Bumble Bee

Grand-sire (Sire): AGS Ballardcreek GZ Moon Shadow

Grand-dam (Sire): AGS Lil Critters Farm Dawn

Windsong Dairy CS Clementine

Clementine's first freshening udder. She has absolutely plumb teats that are an great size for milking! Strong attachments make this a very nice udder.

DOB 5/28/13

Gold Eyes (Homozygous Trait)

Clementine - or, "Clemmie" for short - is an extremely sociable doeling. She is a bit coarser than her twin sister, but still carries a great dairy character we're looking forward to improving on.

Dam: Pholia Farm RD Calliope

Grand-sire (Dam): Sugar Moon Rocky Dolby *B

Grand-dam (Dam): Pholia Farm TS Brown Sugar 4*M

Sire: Odeon DNK Prince Caspian

Grand-sire (Sire): Desertnanny JK Kabuki

Grand-dam (Sire): Odeon DWC Butter Me Up 2*M

Windsong Dairy ps larkspur

DOB: 5/17/15

Blue Eyes (Unknown Trait)

This blue-eyed doeling is a delightful kid. She and her brother were two of the larger kids we have ever had. Already, she shows a strong, dairy structure that will only be more apparent as she grows. At the 2015 NEWDGA show, she was praised for the width between her hocks. Her dam was the Reserve Champion for Junior Nigerian Dwarf goats at the 2013 NEWDGA show in Spokane, WA, and won both Best Udder in the 3-Year Old Category and Best 3-Year Old Doe twice at the 2015 NEWDGA show.

Awards: 3x 1st Place Junior Doe in the May 2015 Category (2015 - NEWDGA, Spokane, WA)

Dam: Pholia Farm LS Bluebell

Grand-sire (Dam): Blythmoor SD Lolliwood Star *B

Grand-dam (Dam): Pholia Farm MI Love Shack 5*M

Sire: THE RF Prescott

Grand-sire (Sire): 2 Chicks Farm Royal Flush

Grand-dam (Sire): Almar Acres AWY-Enchanted Chloe

windsong dairy nc bonanza


DOB: 6/5/15

Bonanza - AKA Bonnie - got her name due to the whole passel of kids we had born on June 5th. She is a lovely doeling, with a bright personality and social nature. Nearly an identical twin to her dam, we know she will make a fantastic milking or show doe in the future. Her dam was the 2013 Grand Champion Junior Doe for the Nigerian Dwarf breed at the NEWDGA show in Spokane, WA.


Dam: Windsong Dairy BB Gunsmoke

Grand-sire (Dam): Stagedragon MSD Bumble Bee

Grand-Dam (Dam): Pholia Farm RA Zephyr

Sire: Windsong Dairy CS Nick Charles

Grand-sire (Sire): Odeon DNK Prince Caspian

Grand-dam (Sire): Windsong Dairy FF Dragonfly