We do not offer breeding services to does outside our herd.

We operate a closed herd and do not allow goats not from our herd on our property.

Windsong Dairy CS Nick Charles

Sire: Odeon DNK Prince Caspian

Grand-sire (Sire): Desertnanny JK Kabuki

Grand-dam (Sire): Odeon DWC Butter Me Up 2*M


Dam: Windsong Dairy FF Dragonfly

Grand-sire (Dam): Odeon SHD Firefly

Grand-dam (Dam): Pholia Farm HB Sasha

DOB: 5/22/13

Wither Height: 22.5"

Nick Charles - affectionately known as Scoot - is an astounding young buck. He is the first buckling of our bloodlines that we have chosen to keep and we are so glad to have him.

Last year was his first year as a herd sire and we were greatly impressed by this buck. His kids were fast maturing, exceptionally vigorous, and had a marvelous dairy quality. He also produced some of the most unusually colored kids we have seen, including several creams and red buckskins.


Reference Bucks

These are reference bucks, which have bloodlines within our herd. They all have great bloodlines that we have now carried in our primary buck, Windsong Dairy CS Nick Charles, and in several of our does. We have included their information and pictures as a reference to our bloodlines and their progeny.

THE RF Prescott

DOB: 6/21/14

We acquired this buckling this past summer. He is a lovely Cou-Clair color that we hope to mix into our already colorful herd. Prescott has an extremely sweet personality as well as a good conformation we feel will be beneficial to our herd.

Sire: 2 Chicks Farm Royal Flush

Grand-sire (Sire): Glory Be Farms Rebel 4A Cause

Grand-dam (Sire): AGS 2 Chicks Farm Princess Kate


Dam: Almar Acres AWY-EnchantedChloe

Grand-sire (Dam): Dragonfly MX As You Wish

Grand-dam (Dam): Poppy Patch Not that Innocent

Pholia Farm RA Orion *S *B

Sire: AGS Rosasharn SS Aquarius

Grand-sire (Sire): AGS Rosasharn's TL Summer Sol

Grand-dam (Sire): AGS Goodwood Water Lily 1*M


Dam: AGS Piddlin Acres Start a Rumor 1*M

Grand-sire (Dam): AGS Green Gate King Midas

Grand-dam (Dam): AGS Piddlin Acres Sly Inuendoe

DOB: 2/10/06

Deceased - 12/22/16

Orion was the first buck we purchased and he is the half-brother to Pholia Farm RA Zephyr. He has great bone structure, a calm temperament, and a smooth, desirable topline.



Odeon SHD Firefly

Sire: Sandy Hollow SU Domino

Grand-sire (Sire): AGS Rosasharn SS Ultimate

Grand-dam (Sire): AGS Sandy Hollow UK Mulberry 2*M


Dam: GCH AGS Twin Creeks WB Echo Delight 1*M

Grand-sire (Dam): AGS Goodwood Weisbaden

Grand-dam (Dam): AGS Piddlin Acres Tiny Bubbles


DOB: 5/19/07

Deceased - 1/26/17

We have had good luck using Firefly on our does. He carries some excellent dairy lines that we love breeding into our does, as well as a tendency to produce large bodied, refined does with improved mammary systems.



Odeon DNK Prince Caspian

Sire: Desertnanny JK Kabuki

Grand-sire (Sire): Desertnanny Jack Sparrow

Grand-dam (Sire): AGS Esperanza MB Kachina Doll


Dam: Odeon DWC Butter Me Up

Grand-sire (Dam): Dream-Weaver PC Cavalier

Grand-dam (Dam): AGS Herzinger's Princess Buttercup 1*M

DOB: 2/19/08

Caspian is one of our favorite bucks. He carries good bloodlines and is the sweetest tempered buck we've ever seen. He adds good bone structure and a level topline to his progeny.